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They sell you an insurance that is not
This company ONLY manages reservations like most tour operators such as Edreams, atrapalo, kayak etc. Therefore you do NOT own the car YOU are renting. RENTALCARS (as a business that it is...) has its page perfectly designed in a psychological way to "deceive you" and sell you an "INSURANCE" that is not insurance. They put it as "TOTAL PROTECTION or PREMIUM COVERAGE.
When you put in the google search engine, for example: "rent a car malaga, alicante, etc", the first ones that will come out, will be the TOUR OPERATORS....why??....BECAUSE THEY PAY GOOGLE TO BE POSITIONED ;) AND YOU You are believing that you are contracting directly with the company that owns the car (the rentacar).... Well NO... and this is the first moment in which these "tour operators" begin to deceive you.
Once you are "trapped" on their page, then the second deception begins there and that is to sell you what you need when you rent a vehicle.....THE INSURANCE!! ,CLEAR!....
Well, as I mentioned before, tour operators are "businesses" and as a business they need to sell you their products and that is why they will try to sell you and deceive you with that insurance that you need and they will put it in front of your eyes in the most beautiful and convincing way to that you click on it and that you are totally convinced that you are insuring the car, that the price you are going to pay will be the one you see on the screen and that anything that happens to the car while you are driving it is insured... well no :)
What they have sneaked into you is a "RETURN PRODUCT", which after you have clicked on it, they tell you that when you pick up the car you MUST leave a franchise (varies according to the category of the car 800 euros, 1000 euros or 1200 euros ) to the rent a car that is in charge of providing you with the car.
Let's remember that they are two different companies...the tour operator is the one that manages reservations and the rentacar is the one that delivers the vehicle to you. Well, the rentacar owns the car and is the only one that can give you ALL RISK INSURANCE WITHOUT EXCESS, therefore if you don't want to have any problems and drive without taking responsibility for what may happen to the car, then I recommend that you ALWAYS ALWAYS contract the insurance with the direct rent a car and not with TOUROPERATORS.

I have been a commercial agent for more than 10 years and I currently work in one of the best rated car rental companies in Spain.



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