Horrible experience

I had a horrible experience with HappyCar, not only because the car I booked and paid in Spain with them to be picked up in Los Angeles (USA) was cancelled without no reason at all. The situation was stressful and when I tried to contact HappyCar to looking for alternative solutions they weren't available due to European working times. I got very surprised that a company that works across the world, it doesn't have 24h customer experience services. Please, be careful if you are going to book with them as if the car booked is cancelled they DO NOT RESPOND. Apart of that, I had to pay more expensive renting car as I need it to move in LA. Additionally, they haven't responded with the right solution as they keep saying that the problem was for the renting car company, but I booked through HappyCar, which I really get really angry as I cant get the solution of this mess.

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