Estafadores, ladrones… lo peor

Estafadores, ladrones… lo peor

I have lived with Europcar the worst experience that I have never have. So I can’t recommend them. Firstly, I booked the car for 2 days (picking up the car at 09:30 and returning it at 09:30 two days after). As I use to do always, I arrived 40’ before (because sometimes there area lot of customers and you have to wait). Luckily, they gived to me the car at 09:01. After the two days I returned the car at 09:39 (9’ late but inside in the “Grace period” of 29’ that they have). But inexplicably, they charged in my account and extra day arguing that I have gived them the car 9’ outside the “Grace period”. And It’s not true. The Grace period of 29’ starts at 09:30 (time when I booked), not when they want to give you the car. And on that case, they should notify this particularities, and sadly/miserably they don’t do this.

The car

The service (except the car). They stole you

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