Argus Car Hire Opinion - Very negative experience

Argus Car Hire - Very negative experience


We don´t recommend ArgusCar Hire to anybody, because of the conditions and because of the service.

Virtudes :
We were not able to pick up the car and informed ArgusCarHire by phone immediately after becoming aware of it. Very unfriendly service by phone, not willing to help resolving the problem, although we called twice. We wanted to be collaborative and agreed to pay the 1st 24h of the reservation, however, this was refused. Please be aware, other car rental companies agree to return the part of the price for subsequent days in case the reservation is cancelled.
The complaint service didn´t informed of their decisions while closing the complaint in the system, what has caused more unnecessary follow up from our part.

Rafael Gon NO recomienda Argus Car Hire no a amigos/conocidos

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